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Route 132

Gilles and Bob, two old friends and small-time crooks, decide to hit the road: destination unknown. Filled with unpredictable events, their journey will take an unexpected turn, leading both of them on the path of hope and renewal.


  • François Papineau
  • Alexis Martin
  • Sophie Bourgeois
  • Andrée Lachapelle
  • Gilles Renaud
  • Janine Sutto
  • Gary Boudreault
  • Clémence Desrochers
  • Benoît McGinnis
  • Alice Morel-Michaud


113 min


  • Feature Film


Afficher les détails
  • Director

    Louis Bélanger

  • Screenwriters

    Louis Bélanger

    Alexis Martin

  • Director of photography

    Pierre Mignot

  • Art director

    Emmanuel Fréchette

  • Costumes

    Judy Jonker

  • Editor

    Claude Palardy

  • Music

    Benoit Charest

    Guy Bélanger

  • Sound creation

    Marie-Claude Gagné

  • Sound

    Marcel Chouinard

    Luc Boudrias